Gerald Baptist

The heart and soul of Quality Caterer’s. Gerald has worked across the globe in many fine dining establishments but in 1993 it was time to work for himself and Quality Caterers was created.

Charlie Baptist

Charlie is Gerald’s eldest daughter and was lucky enough to have the same love for events as her father. If she isn’t out the front waitressing at your event you will find her at the studio creating exquisite costumes for theatre, telly and film.

What We Care About

While food is at the heart of what we do, we care about the environment. Here are a few practises Quality Caterers carry out when delivering every event.

  • Our menus are designed with an emphasis on food sustainability
  • We keep our food waste to the minimum
  • To use up produce we make jams, chutneys, dips, and pickled produce
  • The food waste we do generate gets sent to the local pig farmer or is turned to compost onsite.
  • Everything that can is recycled
  • All our meat products, seafood and poultry are sustainably sourced
  • We use locally grown and in-season produce
  • We keep an eye on our energy usage
  • Our staffed events are all provided with silverware and crockery to avoid packaging waste
  • Use compositable and biodegradable delivery dishes, crockery and cutlery for delivered events
  • We shop close to home and this means we can avoid most plastic packaging
  • We are fans of BYO containers especially for any leftovers